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by HockeyDino

Truth: TGIF!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. TGIF
Thank God it's Friday!
How many times have I heard that or read TGIF in my lifetime? Probably more so now that social networking sites are more prevalent. Twitter and Facebook are loaded with people stating this proclamation every Friday.
I can't help but wonder why. Is it because people hate their jobs and school so much? Is it because the weekend is just a change of pace?
Is it because they can sleep in, or stay up all night drinking?
Yeah of course it is.
I'm not questioning the plans and the functionality of it all. Not I'm questioning the importance of it.
Have we pegged our lives all for the weekend? Are we missing out on the important of daily progress for just two days?
The 9 to 5, Monday through Friday rat race has never seemed natural to me. And I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind working everyday. However this structure that has been forged over time by society baffles me.

Did we evolve to the work week time frame, or was it set out by those in power as something achievable for productivity sake? I'd like to know. Why can't everyday be the weekend?
Does anyone ever say Thank God it's Monday or Tuesday? Aside from those who actually have it off? I think not. Well you'll always get those positive happy face people. If they say this, just slap them please.
Rick Monday

Truth: Facial Hair

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. To shave or not to shave? That is the question.
I hate shaving.
I find it very difficult to just go do. I rarely shave everyday, I usually shave every other day. I just don't like doing it.
Why do I do it then? Well if I didn't I'd look like Billy Gibbons from ZZtop. It's also professional of me to do so. Oh gee just shoot me for saying that. Darn conformist!
When did I start shaving? 7th Grade. Age 14. I shaved off my mustache. I was in class, all the kids noticed. They all laughed. At some point during the day the teacher finally took notice. She didn't know what to say or do. She dropped her jaw, then took me out in the hallway. She asked me if I shaved. I said yes.
I thought I was in trouble. What's this nun going to do? Suspend me? I felt really guilty and cool at the same time. I was like the Fonz. Can you dig it?
That was the end of that, I went back to class. She kept looking at me. I was the man that day that's for sure. I stumped SR. Mary Know-It-All. Ah ha!
Anyways while I still shave because I have to... I get people telling me to shave off the goatee. To shave off the mustache. To shave my head. I mean all of the time. As if how I looked someone makes a difference in their lives. I don't get it. I never tell anyone to get a haircut or shave...I don't care. Well unless it's a french chick, then it's safe to tell them to shave their arm pits.
Twice a year I let my beard just go nuts for 2 weeks. It bothers everyone. I love it. I also shave off my stache once a year to clean house. Have to remove all the food particles that have accumulated over the year too.

Rollie Fingers

Truth: Spend Spend Spend

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. My friend Buckshot Chris told me once, that people who make $80,000 a year have the same amount of money in the bank as someone who makes $30,000 a year.

How could this be? Well it is because they spend spend spend all their money on something. The amount of money you make just means you spend more. However on average you save the same amount of money.
I'm not saying having less money is better. I'm saying those that have more money will more often than not use it. They will have more expenses, and higher expenses. However their save to debt ratio is the same.

I've often wondered how people can have boats, cars, a few mortgages, pets, tuition, motorcycles, a cottage etc. Where do these people get their money? I don't see that they worked hard for it. I see they were born into it. They were given money from their parents and it's just old money.

There's nothing wrong with that, except there's an element of not knowing what a dollar is worth. You know what I mean? I think those that start off with nothing, and have to work for it are far more responsible than those who were born into money. They realize the value of things.

I once was walking on a dock. I was about 21 years old. Totally clueless about my life. This dock had many large boats where the rich parked their toys. I saw this guy about 30 years old washing his boat. I asked him how does someone so young have something so nice. He responded in a European accent "NO Vices".

That has always stuck with me, while my many vices have since crippled me financially. Well many vices have since crippled those around me whom I know.
The whole concept of saving vs spending escapes me.

Sparky Anderson

Truth: I want I want I want

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The amount of things I want to do that I've yet to do is always changing. From time to time I update my list. Things fall off, things are added. Somethings I'll never probably get to do. I suppose though, it's good to have things left on the table. If there was nothing left and you did all that you wanted...what would be left? Death I suppose
I want to drive super fast on the autobahn
I want to be in an Indy car going around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
I want to be in a fighter jet
I want to go deep sea fishing for swordfish
I want to walk around Tokyo at night
I want to see a World Cup Soccer championship match in person
I want to jump out of a plane
I want to para sail
I want to open up a rec center
I want to see Mount Rushmore
I want to go deep sea diving
I want to go to Isle Royale, when I get in shape
I want to do a plane tour of Africa
I want to go to Loch Ness
I want to blow up a target from the turret of a tank
I want to fly an airplane
I want to own a restaurant
I want to drop a water balloon from the Eiffel tower
I want to hunt an elk
I want to go in a glass submarine on a coral reed somewhere
I want to be back stage at a rock concert
I want to face a major league pitcher
I want to write a book
I want to make a difference
I want to make people understand things
I want to understand things
I want to take a cruise from Main to Argentina
I want to spend a week in Greenland
I want to eat Sardinian food
I want to have a vineyard
I want to have shorter lists
Rod Carew

LoveMail HateMail 42610

Another hit and run on my Facebook page. Tell me if you see the irony in all of this.  I got a drive by from some gangsta named Vanessa (probably a stripper because of her name).  On my Facebook page is a banner that says: The opposite of reason is woman"

"The opposite of reason is woman" You realize, logic would dictate you are a misogynist

Hockey Dino
Actually logic dictates you are only assuming you know what I think, or how I feel based on a Facebook sentence. Which makes it a complete assumption. Do you realize that?

You chose to post your words. I take no responsibility for your choices.
So, no I do not agree with *your* premise.... & what's more ~ I think you're deflecting ~ weakly.

Hockey Dino
I'm not asking for you to take responsibility for my words. You choose to assume left and right. You do this often? I'm not deflecting anything.

No. You did not ask. You tried to pass the buck.

Hockey Dino
Did not. Am not.
...*smile* All evidence to the contrary...I place far more weight on actions than I do words...Choice is action; you chose your words.
Hockey Dino
Again with the assumptions. Geez, does it ever end?  You don't know my actions or thoughts; and if you base it on the words listed there; you are assuming you know the intent or context of those words, let alone all my actions. You don't. You cannot.

Deflecting again. Words have meaning. If you don't want to be responsible for the words you choose - do not use them. I have plenty of assumptions about you based on this exchange; I have not shared one of them. I have no interest in it- or you.
[She then drops me as a friend, and blocks me from contacting her]

Hockey Dino
So she dumps me. LAME. LAME. LAME.
(I rest my case)
I hope she doesnt vote.

Dan Ford

Truth: To Delete or Not to Delete

To Delete or Not to Delete, that is the question!
My friend Licky Chala posted this to me -  Why even bother commenting when you're gonna delete them anyway? Yeah it's futile indeed.

Yeah she is ticked off. Why?  Apparently she doesn't like when I moderate my comments.  I have to.  I have to.  I have to.   It ain't easy to do, and I do it when I can. I like a clean page, that has discussion that is pretty much on topic.  Off topic is nice, unless it's spam.  Is it censoring? Hell yes!

I will also delete swearing and racist remarks. I don't care for it, and I don't want it.   Free speech?  What...there's no freedom of speech here.  It's not hypocrisy; because it's not a public forum.  I allow you to post things.  It's Mine. It's me. It's me mine me.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

So quit leaving replies of "LOL" or "LMAO" or "I AGREE" or "Good morning Kim how are you? I miss you".  Just freaking stop it and get to the point.  I want discussion on the topic.  I want to learn something. I want to hear from you. I want to be educated.  Don't waste my time, and I won't waste yours. I don't want to hear myself, I want to write about what you teach me and what I learn from you. 
The pressure is on you, if you can handle it.  Easy stuff baby.

Duffy Dyer

LoveMail HateMail 42410

This wasnt exactly mail, but commentary on my facebook page a coward named Rich.
Rich posted how angry he was that there wasnt a National Prayer Day supported by the government, and that he was offended by Obama for not supporting it.  I question him why he was offended.  He responded with the following, then promptly blocked me.
Rich: Since you need me to explain it to you...point made
Hockey Dino Whatever you say NEOCON
Hockey Dino If anyone is a friend of this big government rino named Rich Meyers...know that he blocked me because I didn't agree with his pro government hiding behind the cross stance. If you are friends with this chicken hawk, let me know.
Hockey Dino sure is. He is pissed I could care less about national prayer day.
Dan The Man The Ladies Man ...there's a separation of church and state for a reason. People of faith do not need the government to tell them to pray one day a year.
Hockey Dino Can I get an amen?!
I can't stand people who hide behind a cross.  There is such a thing as church and state.  If Obama offends you because he doesn't care about National Prayer Day, then go pray for him.  Go protest.  But don't tell me it makes a difference in anything but you.  It's a nice gesture that has no bearing on the state of the union.  Obama doesn't want to support it for fear of offending people who don't pray.  Well that's just as lame.  Either way, he can't win for supporting it or not. 

Pete Rose

Truth: Facebook Status Updates 42310

Cooler heads prevail. Crisis averted.
- Good we were really worried. Thanks for not letting us know what happened so we can dig it out of you.

issssss crabbbbby
- Didn't your mother tell you, if you have nothing good to say...don't say it. This was one of those times.

is lamenting the fact that the burrito with which I was shocked by it size when I saw it on my plate before dinner somehow made it entirely into my stomach. I am not entirely pleased by this particular gift that God gave me right hurts...
- I'm lamenting the fact that you just want attention.

Crystal Bowersox is your new American Idol. :)
- Yes folks this was a grown man's status.

Ryan needs his highlights back...
- Osama Bin Laden

Cooking pulled pork for dinner.. only 3 more hrs.. hmmm
- We are so happy for you. How interesting!

tomorrow is a whole new day! :)
- Nothing escapes you.

Today in my area...78 partly cloudy with 100% chance of alchohol!!
- 100% chance you are usually under the weather.

all of the sudden the house is very quiet and I don't know what to do with myself.

- Facebook? Suicide? so many options.

What the heck???? It's like cold outside!!! what happened to the warm weather???
- It's like watching drool.

is feeling a bit funny this morning after having a nightmare and waking up during the night. Need.Coffee.Now.
- Cannabilistic clowns feel funny too, don't worry.

is heading to bed!! Night all!! sweet dreams!! :)
- My day is complete knowing you tell me when you go to bed.

is up!!! coffee brewing and getting ready for church!!!! Good morning everyone!! Have a wonderfull Sunday!! :)
- Do you people have any idea how many man cards I'm withholding from folks? Too many too list.

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! Nice to see ya'll are finally up...
- I'm not up.  I'm having a nightmare.

I need to find a Dunkin Donuts in Boston.. hmm where should I look
- Tehran or Bagdhad please.

HOME!!! :D
- What's one base you'll never get to with a girl?

Liberty: Just Another Number

A slave to this. A slave to that.

Baseball Cards
These are just a few of the industries all or most of us are slaves to. 
What is the rationalization of these industries, also known as farms where we are livestock.

I think about this often. 

My friend Anarchist Jersey Joe sent me this interesting video to check out:

It aint for the squeamish by the way..
"We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own"

I'm breaking shackle at a time.

Willie McCovey

Truth: You Lost Me At Hello

I'm not a people person on the surface.  By that I mean, I'm not a chatty Kathy.  I'm not one for small talk.  I could care less about saying hi or hello.  I do it because I have to, not because I want to. This is most of the time, not all of the time mind you. 
I've come to learn that some people just want small talk and it is all they can handle. It is all they can offer.
It's not that I don't really want to engage in small talk, or that I'm against it totally. It's just that I want more.  I'm looking for more.  Not from everyone that I come in contact with.  I'm looking for more in the moment that I am in. 


Often I'll get a message from someone getting in my face because I didn't acknowledge them walking by me. Well it's not that I wanted to be impolite, I just was elsewhere.  My mind was some place else. It usually is.
Heck I can have conversations with people and I'm thinking about what summers are like in Greenland.  I'm just not there.  It takes alot to engage me in a conversation.  Saying hello or hi, it just doesn't cut it.  You had me at hello?  Quite the opposite.

Rude? yeah.  Mean? maybe. Dumb? probably. Fact? True.

It's pretty depressing not being satisfied in the moment more often than not. The weird thing is, while this is a constant struggle I'm not down about it.  I've accepted this frustration with the hope that a good conversation is lurking just around the corner.

Hi, how are you?

See, you wouldn't even believe me if I tried.
Rickey Peters

Truth: Good Morning Jerk!

Truth:"Good Morning"  Who started this greeting? Did Adam say this to Eve way back when each day?  My guess is, she said it to him first.  He was grumpy, she had to make him feel wanted and excited for the day somehow.  I mean the guy had to be a constant bummer - starting mankind, spending all his time with the same and only chick in the world (hey, what if Eve wasn't pretty?...), that's alot of pressure for one man to handle. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.  So she patronized him.

What is it with Good Morning anyways? I do all that I can just to say Good Morning. I just don't get it.
I mean do you really think people want you to have a bad day if they don't say good morning to you?  Can't we just say HI, or Hello, or even Huzzah?  Or Press 2 to say Hola?

I may say good morning several times a year.  I say it to those who expect and demand me to say it.   To others, it's just "mornin".  I moan morning.   mmmmmmoanin.

If I don't say it, I think people think I don't care.

[record skip]
Wait. I don't care.
So I guess I won't say it.  Then though of course they think I'm a rude jerk. Am I?
I guess when it comes to mornings I am.

I should write a book - How to not win friends and influence people.

I'm such a grumpy old sod.  Good riddance!

Jack Billingham

Truth: Let The Music Do The Talking

I was discussing music with some old friends over lunch recently.  My friend asked me what I've been listening to lately.  I really didn't know what to say.  I listen to everything, and I listen to nothing.   He wanted to know if I knew of any new bands or not.  If I could recommend anything.

I could not.

Because I don't think I really care. No granted...this may seem like a hypocrisy to an extent, but it's true.  I don't care who sings certain songs. I don't feel the need to align myself with any band anymore. I don't really care.  
Now if a band is good...then I may make a mental note, but it doesn't force me to go buy their album. That's where the hypocrisy lies.  You see I used to buy music. Now I just listen to it.   I go to or or and get mystuff.  I'll also stream music off of my phone.

My friend was a bit dismayed...because I used to be a music collector. I used to be into music trivia. I used to produce radio shows.

Am I bored?  Did I just grow old our out of it?  It's better to burn out than fade away?  Bye Bye Miss American Pie.
Now my other friend who was there..he just rattled off a ton of bands and made me look like an idiot.  He cares.  He's into it. He didn't lose that passion to get the music.

Where did it go?

Jim Walewander

Truth: Come On Baby Finish What You Started

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. What the hell is going on here?

Look at this picture. Soap bottles and shampoo bottles almost empty? I don't end up using all of these things in case I need them or should I run out. I start another bottle before the first one empties, just in case. One never knows. That is so I'm never out or having to be in a spot where I'm empty However...I think I've run out of options here in this case. I don't have much time left.
What do you do when all the levels are low..and stock is out? I see a trend. A pattern. I do this with everything. With my online social media, my shaving cream, my contact lens solution, my projects, my email, toilet paper, kleenex. It never ends.
There has to be some weird un-nerving lack of confidence that is underlying these actions. Is it some sort of hoarding element? No I dont hoard things and can easily part with stuff. I think though when it comes to essentials, work, or things I need to attend to daily...I keep my options open.
I feel funny about it all.

This is some sort of epiphany that I've noticed this about myself. However I have no solution to the issue at hand.
I'm worried.

You know come to think of it..I do have a bunch of mini-soap and shampoo bottles that I've hoard from hotels and the dollar rack at Target. Yikes.

Vida Blue

Liberty: A Taxing Proposition

I think you all know how I feel about taxes.  Me no likey (apologies to Miss V for the baby talk). However I'm always up for listening to proposals and ideas on to fix the tax system. . The tax system that is a complete mess.  Heck, there were 1700 changes to laws and rules alone since last year.  Are you kidding me?  Anyways my friend Dan The Man The Ladies Man came up with a solution. I want to know what you think about his proposal:

I'm AM for lower taxes.  Not just lower taxes for me.  Lower taxes for the Bill Gates types (who pays nearly 60% now), but more importantly, lower taxes for small and medium businesses.
The fairest system for everyone?  Implement A Flat Tax. No offshore tax shelters, no write offs for bad investments, and I don't care how many kids you have. No Schedule-A or B or C or D. No 1040 or 1040EZ. Just three simple boxes. "How much did you gross last year?" "Multiply that by 15%" and "Sign Here." Done. With one exception...
Tax Free Hybrids. This is a pronged attack; one for the auto manufacturers and one for the consumers, both geared towards combating our addiction to foreign oil. For the manufacturers; all corporate income generated from hybrid/electric sales will be completely free from federal taxes for the next five years. Thus if GM ever gets off their ass and gets the Volt going, and they gross $50 billion in sales but $15 million of that is from hybrids and electric cars, then they only pay the 15% flat tax on the remaining $35 billion. Chrysler will be sucking hind tit on this one, since they don't offer any vehicles that fall under this category, so they better get their ass in gear or die on the side of the road like one of their K-cars. As for consumers, 50% of the hybrid's purchase price would be a federal tax deduction. So if you make $70k a year, and spend $24k on a hybrid, then you'll pay your 15% flat tax on the remaining $58k. One hybrid/electric tax deduction allowed per taxpayer. I'd be willing to explore the same thing for wind/solar for household power generation.
OF COURSE none of this will ever happen.  I expect a National Sales Tax within 5 years to help pay for the healthcare overhaul, and because once the interest rate goes up, we be in dire straights and owe our souls and first born sons to China."

Dan Quisenberry

Liberty: What Is A Libertarian

I've been asked often lately what it means to be a libertarian. Is it a perspective? A political party? A philosophy?  While I don't mind answering the questions, it does get tiring.  Tiring from the standpoint not that I have to repeat myself..but the fact I even have to do it.   Why don't you know?  How can you not know?  So many people are stuck in Republican vs. Democrat...liberal vs. conservative.  They think liberal just want free drugs and free sex, and no war.  There's more to it than that.
John Stossel a journalist who I respect, did a segment on his show called What is a Libertarian.  Here are 5 excerpts from his shows.  They are worth the time to view.
Judge Andew Napolitano and PJ O'Rourke, two guys who are champions of freedom display some great points.  The Cato Institute makes a good appearance as well.
Live free or die.  It's that simple.
John Kruk

Liberty: Fox Snooze

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I really try to not watch Fox News. I just don't like it. My republican and conservative friends don't like when I say that. It bothers them. How can I be a conservative and not watch Fox News? Well I don't entirely dismiss it, because I see videos on youtube all of the time from Fox News. I also listen to the radio where the same hosts have shows. But all in all, I try to avoid it.

I also try to avoid MSNBC, but I'll watch it for kicks. Just too see Chris Matthews crush on Obama.
I don't find either fair and balanced. Most of the time I agree with Fox's view on things too. However I don't want them when I watch the news. I don't want to be told what to think.
I sure as hell don't want to listen to Sean Hannity repeat the same buzzwords every freakin day.
I can't stand listening to Newt Gingrich too. He has to go.
Fox news was created to divide, and it does that. Fox News is what the republican party is...and that is out of touch.
I'm also sick of people telling me to stop watching Fox News whenever I don't agree with them. They peg me as a neo-con. Thus I'm off to defend my pro liberty stance to shut them up. It's tiring. It ain't easy being me ya know.

Where can I get news...just straight unbiased news? NPR is so left. NBC is the National Barack Channel. CNN (the Clinton News Network) has improved I guess. I still somewhat trust them; at least they call out Obama when he lies.
Give me the news! Somebody! Anybody!

Bake McBride

Liberty: Talk Is Cheap

A friend of mine said that the Tea Party is just a bunch of sore losers holding up signs and protesting.  If they wanted to do something, they should just vote.
I explained that I was the Tea Party.  I was sore, but I'm not a loser (unless its playing pool or darts with chicks, or video games with anyone under 15).
He said that TALK IS CHEAP.
Hmmm it got me thinking about one of my favorite quotes:  When all is said and done, more is said than done.
He has a point, however I don't feel protesting or unionizing is a waste of time.  Even tree huggers and spotted owl lovers make a point with their protests.
The Tea Party is about liberty and saving the republic.  Saving it from Republicans who turned on their principles, from democrats who have been misguided by their leaders.  It's important to save the country. 
Solidarity creates real change.  That's what we need.  We need things changed back to the design, not to the whims of the pencil pushers in DC who think they know what is best for you and me.  To change those on Wall Street from dictating the direction of our currency.  To change the perception that entitlement is a right.
Martin Luther King didn't think talk was cheap now did he?

Rick Leach

A.D.D. Rumblings No. 41310

1. Should I have laughed or said something?  This nurse proceeds to tell me at the doctor's office that I need to lose 20lbs.  While she her self probably hadn't passed up the local China Buffet in 10 years.  On who's authority I'm thinking?  I wanted her to share perhaps share her sandwich with me.  Doubtful.

2. Do you ever notice that teenagers more often than not tend to walk in three's.  You'll see a boy and a girl walking together, then the tag-a-long friend.  The tag-a-along friend is always the friend of the guy.  He sticks out like a sore thumb. There has to be an official name for this dork.

3. A few years ago a friend turned me on to Argentinian wine. I don't know what it is, but it's pretty freaking good. Ever since if I'm offered it, I can't turn it down.  Only because I know I it is good wine.  Must be the climate or the grapes, because there is nothing like it.

5. I thought about designing and selling a college basketball shoe called The Shoe Shevsky.  The girl's version would be The Duchess and the guys version would be The Duke.  What do you think?  I've just copyrighted this so don't even think about lifting it.

4. Do the people that wear costumes on the street corner for a local business actually help promote the business? How many extra pizzas does the pizza joint sell, when the kid on the corner is wearing a pizza costume? Do people stop in at the Tax Service place just because they see the Statue of Liberty waving to them on main street. 

6. What do you call people who give you advice, without you asking for it?

7. Law and Order, NCIS, House, like these shows. They are good.  Well written and entertaining.  But you know the outcome most of the time right?  So since you know the outcome, why do you worship and watch?  I mean to me...after a few episodes, it all becomes so predictable. That drives me nuts.

[This blog is brought to you by the word pride and the number 15]

8.At what point does something go out of fashion?  How does a mullet hair cut go from normal to trashy in just a matter of time? How does baggy pants become the norm?  How does bell bottom pants becomes the rage then fade completely away? I don't understand the timing of it all.

9. I've come to realize that women hate each other. Unless they are family or best friends, they pretty much hate each other.  They will tolerate each other, but deep down they hate each other.  In an instant they can turn and wish the end of the world for them. I'm telling the truth, because you can't prove me wrong on this one.

10.Why do people who are Jewish always mention that they are Jewish? I'm with a friend who is Jewish and he and I were talking, while another guy joined us. The other guy proceeds to tell us that he is Jewish.  This always happens. Now I don't really care that they are, I just want to know why it's always mentioned.  It happens all of the time lately it seems. Is this some code for Jewish people?

Truth: I'm No Journalist!

Aside from the hate mail I post every so often, I also get questions.  Tons of questions.  People are always asking me where I get my sources from.  They want to know where they can get links.  They want to know why I said what I said.  It's getting crazy.  As if I'm some paid journalist.
I'm not a paid journalist.
I'm just a guy giving my 2 cents on things.  Trying to make sense of the world, while being ticked off at the same time.  No more, no less.  Yeah I guess I'm one of those "blogger" people.  However event though this is a blog, I don't like the term blogger.   It's so sophomoric of a label to me.

The responses I get about political commentary is a bit much too.  People say I don't know what I'm talking about.  I've been called "no authority", just a political rant like those tv talking heads, a liberal, a neo-con, a right wing wack job, a conservative.  It never ends.
The existence of this blog also seems to indicate to some that I have no compassion, that I am mean, that I just like to hear myself talk.  There's about a pool of 9000 of you that read this stuff (my estimations from various sources) on any given day.  To think I can sway or influence people seems a bit outlandish to me. I'm sure though, that it could be the case...just as you could sway and influence me with your comments or emails. I get it. 

Do I write to invoke a response? No not really. I do it for myself. However I welcome the response and I encourage the discussions.  From there, I'll learn, I'll be tested, I'll be corrected...I'll get more ideas.  I'll get ticked, I'll get fired up, I'll laugh.

It's all good baby.
Rick Monday

Truth: It Was His Time

When someone dies you always here someone say, well "it was his time" or "it was just their time to go". 
What a crock.  The only time it's some one's time to go is when they die of old age.  Even then while death is an absolute, the cause and reason are not absolute.  The same applies when they are sick.  So many variables are at play.
Anyways it makes me made when I hear this.  It's not someones time when they die in auto accident. It's not some soldier's time when his truck gets bombed.  It's not some one's time when they drop dead after a brain aneurysm.  
Choice more often than not is the reason. The choice of others.  The choice of the person dying.  There are accidents. There are murders.  There are illnesses that can be tackled. 

There is no grand design or predefined plan for a life.

Anyone who subscribes to thinking there is, is devaluing the importance of human life.  Or they are in denial at what happened.  Or they lack the reasoning to understand that life is so delicate, that so many things can take it away.

When you hear these people minimize death, stop them.  Don't let them get away with it. 
Life is important...don't put in a box with a minimizing label.
Billy Martin

Liberty: You Should Smoke!

I can't stand smoking. I just don't get it.  I find it disgusting, and out right stupid. I don't know exactly why really. I think it stems from watching a friend die of lung cancer, and others suffer with similar symptoms like emphysema.
I've never gotten the concept of having to smoke because it's "cool" or because you look cool.  From a young age when others were doing that, I thought it was lame. I didn't think it was wrong, or that I would get in trouble...I just thought it was lame.  I thought why would I want to do something because it was "cool"?.  It wasn't me.  It wasn't for me.
I never believe people that say they will quit.  They most of the time lie about it.  I know they can, they just don't want to.  No, I don't pretend to know or understand the addiction process.  Sounds like a cop out to me. 
Soon many states will have a smoke free ban in their restaurants.  While that's great for lungs, that is sad for the Constitution and liberty.  Another liberty being taken away by the government for the "good" of the people.   Yes it will be good, but that is not the point.  The point is, business owners should make that decision, not the state.   On the flip side I am happy to eat where there is none of the nicotine all over the place...hopefully more of the clueless will stop smoking because of it.  Pragmatic...yeah...of course.

Go Smoke!

Aurelio Lopez

Sports: Hot Red Wings

I keep getting asked when I'm going to talk about the Red Wings.  It's been a while I know.  It's not that I haven't been watching them, I have.  They have been playing real good as of late, and all systems are go.  The red machine is back and clicking.  If I could add some more mundane sports cliches here, I would.  You get the drift though.

The fact is I've watched them more intently than I have in years.  Their early season struggles fascinated me.  I was very interested to see how they would overcome all of their injuries, and more so if they even could.  It was painful to watch, but I wasn't that worried. I had hope that when Franzen returned and the players were healthy that they system could gel and peak at the right time.  So far so good, they are playing near perfect hockey. 
I'll be the first to say I have no confidence in our goal tending.  I like Osgood, I like Howard...but they don't make me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Either will be fine in the playoffs, let's just hope Howard doesn't have play in a shootout.  At least he shouldn't play in a shoot out unless they decide to use a beach ball.
I'll also admit I wish our defense was tougher.  However I've wished that since Rouse and Konstantinov left the team.  So every time from now until the end of the playoffs..I'll hold my breath every time the puck comes in our end.  CLEAR THE ZONE RAFALSKI!!!
They are the hottest team in hockey.  I hope they make it to the finals and beat Pittsburgh, because I hate them.
Bring on the playoffs...the best time of the year!
Per Djoos

Sports - Let's Play Two

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I cringe when I hear guys say they don't like baseball.  I want to cry when they say baseball is boring.  I want to smack some sense into them when they watch NASCAR over a ball game.  I just just just can't take it anymore. 

Yes the game is not what it was when we were kids.  When baseball players were heroes.  When they were bigger than life.  When it wasn't all about business, even though it's been about business for over 100 years.  When baseball cards were everything.

Inevitably I'll always hear that baseball players make too much money. Who cares how much they make?  I only care when it effects my team and they don't have enough to sign any good players.  Then again my team is horrible at signing players.  That's another story for another day.  I don't care if they are millionaires.  The market allows it.  True I can't identify with them. I have nothing in common with them. I don't care about them.  Except they are baseball.

I love baseball. I just love it. The sounds, the smell of the stadium, the look of grass is heaven on earth. 

With the opening of the baseball season, it means summer is around the corner!  I'll tell you this though, the most important month of the baseball year is not September. It's April.  If your team wins most of your games in April, it means you are hitting on all cylinders and you have a great chance to go all the way. (Unless you are the Twins who don't turn it on until July ever year).

How can anyone not like baseball? It's the national past time for a reason.  You can learn quite a bit by watching baseball. Love, Life, Liberty.  What a great day for a ball game..let's play two!
George Kell

Chicks - Women Shifters

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. OK granted...if you are Danica Patrick or Sherry Muldowney you may not do this.  However I've yet to meet a chick who does not look at the steering counsel or floor counsel when shifting gears.  I'm referring to automatic shifting, not manual.   Yes, the R N D P shifting.  Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Park.

Every time they have to put it in park or drive, they have to look.  I'm being serious here.  It's mind boggling...I don't get it.  Now now now...some of you are going to tell me you NEVER do that.  Some of you are going to tell me that the chicks I hang out with don't know how to drive.   You may be right, but I'm telling youI've yet to see it.  I've been driving for a few decades now, and it's never happened in front of me.
Is this some evolutionary thing where they just can't trust anything designed by a man? Is this just some biological function where they have to check on everything?  Is this some feminine routine in order to make sure they have all the bases covered?  Is it lack of confidence?  A species deficiency?  

You are in a car, you need to know what gear you are in without looking.  If I was teaching you how to drive and you did this, I'd fail you on the spot.  Stop looking at the counsel.  Know where the gears are.  Let's go.
I'm tired.

kiko garcia

Liberty: National ID Card For You

Well all of you who embrace and love what is left of our liberty are in for a real treat.  Those of you who could care less and support big government (Obama & McCain) you should be jumping for joy.
Big government statist Senators Lindsey Graham (R) and Chuck Schumer (D) are planning the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" which is the groundwork for a National ID card.  Complete with biometric tracking technology for everyone with a job in America.

If passed, it would require every American to obtain the card to work legally in the U.S. (including illegal) and it will only be a matter of time until they're required even for making simple purchases.

If passed, the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" would require a new National ID card that would:
- Include biometric identification information, such as fingerprints, retinal scans or scans of veins on the back of hands.
- Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, and make it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn't obtain the ID card
- Require all employers to purchase an "ID scanner" to verify the ID cards with the federal government.

Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know


Mike Ivie

Truth - My Hope Springs Eternal

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Sometimes I think hope is just a mirage.  Sometimes I think it's just my mind playing games on me.  Sometimes I think it's something more powerful than anything I can wrap my mind around.  It's probably why I don't completely trust it.

I like how it feels.  I like looking forward to it.  It never goes away.  Even when things are hopeless, it's still there.  Hope is weird man.  Just plain weird.

I have hope for many things.  A future. A better country. To be able to eat ice cream again.  Hope manifests itself in many ways.  Through many different things.

So when spring rolls around I hope for summer.  More so I hope winter is over.  However summer is my first love, my true love. I long for the summer.  Heck during the summer I even hope for my summer. Summer makes my world go round.

But what about spring?  Spring means baseball.  I love baseball.  My hope springs for baseball.
I have hope that there is something more than hope. Something more concrete. What is it?  Where is it?
I hope I can find it.

Truth - Fixing the Country Part III

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Fixing the Country Part III
21. Enforce the current laws on Illegal immigration.
22. Send all prisoners to Ohio. Jim Tressel can be the warden.
23. Government programs like Faith Based Initiatives need to go away.
24. Repeal the Patriot Act.
25. Stop printing money out of thin air.
26. Privatize Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac
27. Stop funding ACORN and the like.
28. Let state's decide abortion legislation.
29. Inauguration balls - just one, not 27.
30. Transparency!  Confidentiality is fine for security, but transparency on the other levels of government. 

Part II

Joe Rudi

Truth: Fixing The Country Part II

Fixing The Country Part II

11. Close half of our military bases and consolidate so our military can be more precise. 
12. Combine the Federal Agencies - do we really need Homeland Security, ATF, and US Marshalls?  Seems like a bunch of red tape and a chance for communication problems.

13. Stop getting loans from China.  At some point they will want to collect you know.

14. Get back to the gold standard. Don't sell your gold, buy it.

15. Abolish the Federal Reserve. 100 years of inflation.

16. Build a wall on the Mexican border. Run away from the border!

17. Let's the states have control of their destiny not the Fed. If  Texas and Vermont want to leave, more power to them.

18. Special interest groups that lobby politicians and line their pockets must stop.  This is the biggest problem this country faces.

19. No bill should have anything else attached to it that isn't part of the premise of the bill. 2800 pages? Give me a break.

20. The Census should only ask for a count of heads in a house, that's it.  Not race or how many toilets you have.

Part I

Liberty:The Princess Interview

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.. Patty has a friend. It's the Princess. There are two actually - The Fall-Winter Princess and The Spring-Summer Princess.

I asked Patty some very important questions on the Princess. You see I once had the pleasure of meeting the Princess and actually sat next to it. I was not allowed to touch it, and actually I think I was told I was lucky to even see it.  Due to security reasons and the potential for paparazzi to rear it's ugly head, it's  not often announced when Princess will show up.  I asked Patty to tell me about Princess:

"I really have no idea where the bags are made. I am hoping they are made in America! They are designed by Kathy Van Zeeland, that's why they are called "Kathy bags". I got my first one last Spring at TJMaxx
because they are half price or less there! They usually run about $98.00 which isn't bad at all for a designer bag made from high quality materials. But I am happy I only paid $40.00 for Summer Princess! I fell in love the minute I saw her. When my nieces, Natalie and Emma (Christine's girls) saw her they said she had to have a name so we decided on Princess because the zipper has a crown on it!"

As you can see, the Princess is aptly named correctly due to the crown on the zipper. Which makes me wonder why I don't call my tooth King since I have a crown on it?...


"My second Kathy bag was a gift from Christine. I was sad that Summer Princess had to go away for the season (because she is white and that simply is not ok for Fall/Winter wear!)."

[Editor's Note (that's me if you are paying attention) - You can't wear white after Labor Day unless you are a girl and it's pants, because guys like that]

"So she sent me Fall/Winter Princess from a store in Chicago ( I don't know what she paid). She is almost as beautiful but not quite as soft and supple as Spring/Princess"

[Editors Note (that's me if you are paying attention) - I thought about removing the word supple, but I've repeated it 50 times and I think ...never mind]

"I sometimes use other purses but the Princesses are def my faves right now. My best friend, Barb, has one in black patent leather and also a zebra striped one. They are beautiful too! If someone ever stole one I would immediately issue an Amber Alert on all the freeway signs."

[Editor's Note (that's me if you are still paying attention) - Someone needs to build an Iphone or Facebook Application for missing purses.]

"My husband thinks I am nuts. When I die, my Princesses will be willed to my daughter. She loves them as much as I do.  Everywhere I go, people notice Princess because she is so lovely. She usually gets her own chair. She is NEVER put on the floor. When not in use, Princess is hung on a hanger (matching her color) in my closet. I don't ever let them get dirty, so cleaning them hasn't been an issue.Thank you for your sincere interest in my beautiful Princesses, Dino."

Thank you to Patty for letting us into the wonderful world of Princess.  Most fascinating.  People if you are interested in learning more about the Princess, just ask and I'll get Patty to perhaps give more details.  If you have a Princess story or something similar, please let me know. Preferably before you talk to your therapist. 

Billy Beane

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