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Truth - High School Never Ends

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. High School never ends....if you don't believe me, try Facebook.  Or go to an office Christmas party.

The best 4 years of your life? hmmm

Chicks - Player Man

My guy friend is dating two other friends at the same time. The two other friends who know each other, don't know that they are dating the same guy.

What do I do?

Do I narc, do I tell either girl friend?


Am I responsible to say and do something just because I know of the situation?


Truth: Stuff I'm Thankful For

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Usually people go on and on about the people and things they are thankful for.  The usual things:

Family, Friends, Lovers, Children, Jobs etc.  The normal stuff.   Yeah we know.

I am thankful for...

caller id
delete button
droid x
remote control
street hockey
my basketball net
food network
history channel
snooze button
green tea
special k
facebook status updates


LoveMail HateMail 112310

Love Mail

You crack me up

You can pull me by the hair anytime

Hate Mail

There's no way you read all your comments. Do you read all your comments?

You must be really narcisstic to do a video blog.

Doing a video blog takes away from your writing credibility.

Wearing a hate backwards makes you a DB.

Why do you always wear that silly baseball cap?


Chicks: Short Hair

So I've been getting some slack from my short haired sisters about my preference for long hair on women.  Look people, it's my preference. It's not a rule.  It's probably some caveman thing or know where you can drag them back to the cave.  I don't know...shoot me. 

Short hair is fine for some women...even looks better.  Some chicks donate to locks of love, some lose their hair, some have no's fine.  I'm not dissing them, so chill out.   This girl I know just wanted my two cents on her hair getting cut or not, I said no....women mostly look better with long hair.

I'm not going to post the hate mail...not enough space.  Plus my eyes keep rolling in circles and it is not good for my health.  

A friend told me that SOME women cut their hair short on purpose in order to fend of creeps.  I don't buy that.  That some even eat more to fend off creeps. I still don't by that.  If that's true, well I learned something new today.



Truth: Leaf Me Alone

Sports: No Fun League

The NFL is boring.  I only watch it anymore because of Fantasy Football, and even that has lost it's luster.  It's just not a priority in my life. It's 2.5 on my personal inventory list.   I really am in it for the past time, and because my friends are all in it.  Otherwise, could care less so much anymore.

The NFL with the lame overtime rule, the lame blackout rule, the no celebration rule etc.   It is just a joke.

There's too much parity and not enough rivalries.  The game is built for TV and it's constant commercials.  There is nothing left for the fan.

College football here I come.  NFL, I loved you...I was loyal, but you don't care about me.  If you did, you'd give me a glimpse of care.  Parading out soldiers at halftime is nice, but spare me the crap. I just want games with less parity...less commercials, and more football.   Is that too much to ask?

I wish I had a team to root for too.


A.D.D. Rumblings No.112010

1. I don't like to iron shirts. I throw them in the dryer for 5 minutes on high heat. That seems to do the trick!

2. I was at the mall today and I heard Christmas music playing. Now its a week before Thanksgiving mind you.  Does some marketing genius think this is going to make me want to shop early?  It's going to make me want to wish it was January!

3. Some chick I know who has long hair wants to cut her  hair short. She asked me what I thought. I said  long hair looks better on women.  She told me she didn't like my answer, and continued to be mad at me for it! [ perplexed ]

5. I am told if I don't look into the camera during a video blog, then I weaken my points at being effective.  So when I write and look at no one what does that do???

4. I know this guy that watches Seinfeld everyday ...a few times a day.  He knows every line.  You could say his life is about nothing now.

6. Louisiana Crunch Pudding Cake.

7. Whenever I have Chinese food I always get Almond Chicken.  Everything else makes me feel really fat, and tastes the same. Not a fan.

[This blog is brought to you by the word coquette and the number 35]

8. I walked into Little Caeser's to get a pizza and they were selling Kid Rock Cd's.  Wow.

9. I like the new Maroon 5 stuff.  Does that make me see gay?

10. Did you know there is a reality show about parking meter maids?  Weird!

In this video, you can watch me blog as I blog...yes there are errors, usually are...and I go back and fix them.  I'm not very polished, I just shoot from the hip/lip.


Truth: These Guys Are Cool

Truth: These Guys Are Cool

I use the word COOL quite often. It's been a part of my vocabulary for years. I don't know when I started using it...most likely while watching Fonzie on Happy Days.  Some say I use it too much.
I haven't let it go, and I don't know if it's a fad or not, or even uncool to use it.  It's not like I'm saying SWEET all of the time or DUDE. Cool is acknowledgement; a reassurance that everything is alright, and admired. 

These guys are cool, to name a few:
Steve McQueen
James Dean
Michael Arturo
Michael Imperioli
Chris Chelios
Thomas Jefferson
Ron Paul
Joe Dimaggio
Gordie Howe
Tim O'Reilly
Herb Brooks
Bobby Layne
Clint Eastwood
Sean Connery
Gordon Gekko
Mike Church
The most interesting man in the world
Adam Helfman
Michael Skupin
John Stossel
Guy Fieri
Clint Eastwood
Al Pacino
Robert Deniro
Joe Pesci
Jason Statham
Harry Browne
Nick Popa
Lew Rockwell
Julius Erving
Tom Brady
Elvis Costello
Joe Strummer
Joe Perry
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Dave Grohl
Johnny Cash
Jim Edmonds
Jim Brown
Ty Cobb
Derek Jeter
Ben Franklin
Nikola Tesla
Leonardo Da Vinci
Thomas Hearns
Joe Montana
Rich Gannon
James Coburn
John Wayne
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Chuck Bednarik
Michael Badnarik
Vince Lombardi
Teddy Roosevelt
Samuel L. Jackson
Gene Hackman
Lee Marvin
Jerry Herman
Ludwig von Mises
Frank Zappa
Paul Sorvino
Ted Nugent
Thomas Paine
John Locke
John Stossel
Booker T. Washington

This video...not so cool

Truth: Royal Inventory

-Watching Monday Night Football and there's a blurb that is the referee's first game on Monday Night Football, is just insane. Who cares?

- Take a personal inventory of your life.  Get rid of the stuff that is a waste of time, so you can attend to the important things.  It should be required at least once a month.

- The Royal Wedding - I don't care, never cared, never will. Why do you?

A.D.D. Rumblings No.111110

1. I shaved off my sideburns at the request of some people.  After shaving them off , I was told it was a stupid idea...that I now look younger.   Younger? stupid of me.

2. Here is what I like about Daylight Savings Time:

3. I was in a meeting the other day, and this person talked the entire hour.  60 minutes of monotone gibberish about nothing and nothing.  I was trying to find a way to take my phone and end my life on the spot.

5. A basketball smashed me in the nose the other day.  I haven't determined if my nose is big because of all the times sports balls have hit it; or the fact my nose is so big which interferes with the trajectory of their flight.

4. I think they should sell giant out door fans that allow you to just blow off the leaves from your yard to another yard and it is totally legal.  There has to be a better way than raking or using a leaf blower.

6. I've been teaching myself to play some songs on the electric guitar.  I took lessons years ago, but it's all forgotten.  So I'm just going with the flow looking for some music to make.  It's therapeutic and frustrating at the same time.  Just like raking leaves.

7. I made some pasta the other day, using the tomato sauce made from my garden.  I must say it was better than I thought it would be.  I will have to make more sauce next year, and probably try to sell you some. Did I mention how good it was?

[ This blog is brought to you by the word stubborn and the number 21]

8.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I end up going to the checkout lane that has no bagger.  So I end up bagging my own groceries.  That means, I take them off the shelf, put them in the cart, take them off the cart, put them in the bags, take them out of the bags at home, put them away.  I'm touching everything several times. I'm tired.

9. If one more person says I remind them of Robert Downey Jr. by the way I act and talk, I'm going zap them with my hand laser.  I am not cocky and arrogant, I just don't care.  See the difference?

10. After checking out the list of virtues, it is my conclusion that the most important one is trust. Without it, you ain't got nothin.

Truth: 192 Reasons To Die

I've been doing a personal inventory of my online life recently, and I came to discover that I was subscribed to 192 different newsletters.

Are you kidding me?

No I'm not kidding me.

How did that happen?  Well many I've just accumulated over the years here and there.  But most, if not all...I subscribed when I started to delve into social media management and marketing.  

Needless to say it got out of hand.  No I did not read them every day, but they still came in...which means I had to delete them, or look, or even ignore.  All three of those actions required time.  I was wasting time.  In my haste to get information to help me, it pretty much just hampered me and my life.  I then started to ignore the information that was important to me.  Information overkill.

So slowly but surely as I see them, I delete them.  Freeing up my mind and inbox is a wonderful thing.  Be gone spam!  A person I know says that she doesn't believe that I'm ridding myself of useless information and things that take up my time...but I am.  I take it as a challenge.  One of you hackers log into my email account please and prove this - thanks.

unsubscribe from the spam in your life
(just don't unsubscribe from - because it will hurt my feelings...actually I don't have any feelings, so don't worry about it)

Truth: Being Everything To Everyone

I felt invincible.

That I could and should take on more.

That I needed to help people who asked me for their help.

I didn't know how to say no or when to say no.

It got to my head.

I was on the road to ruin.

I was out of control.

No time to smell the roses.

I neglected myself.

I neglected my family.

I neglected the one I love.


Truth be told, I was wrong in doing the right things.

Good intentions, mean nothing. Quality time means everything.

Personal inventory time.

This sounds like a poem doesn't it?  It is... a sad sad poem about the guy I used to be - me.

I didn't like him, no one did.

Good riddance Superman, take your cape with you I don't want it or your job anymore.

Kryptonite, they name is zealous.  Thy name is pride.  They name is idiot.

Truth: Reasons vs. Excuses

What is the difference between a reason and an excuse?  

I would say, it's accountability.


A “reason” is an explanation for why something is the way it is,  with everyone involved taking accountability for their part in any situation. Reason follows truth.

An excuse is an explanation for why something is the way it is  that always involves the blame being put on someone or something that isn't involved in the conversation.  Excuses sometimes ignore the truth.

What’s the difference? The accountability. 

Until you learn to take it, you'll be destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, everyone does, but only those that admit their responsibility in the mistake can learn from it. Those are the people that can keep trying and eventually taste success and less failure. Those that only want to blame someone else for their failures are dooming themselves to a life full of them.

What is your excuse this time?

  Fix it if I could

Truth: Time Passages

Too much time. Not enough time.

Time is a man made construct - but it still exists and it important.  I don't think there is a better measurement to live by than time.  It may be the only measure to live by.

Everything revolves around it.

I spend a great deal of time, thinking about the lack of time left for everyone I know.  Before you know it, we'll all be dead and buried.   It makes me sad to think about that.

So what do you do? Think about your mortality or just live it up?  I think for sure you need to enjoy the quality of life, and attain the most that you can in it - because time is short.

What I struggle with is what seems to be everyone else's in ability or what seems to be lack of understanding how precious time is.   It's not that I'm so concerned what they do or think, but when it effects my time...yeah it bugs me.

Life is short - that's all I know.  Hurry, get it done.  Now.

Truth: Conditional Love

Is there such a thing as conditional love between two adults?  Where you can love someone no matter what they say.  Where you can love someone no matter what they do to you or others.  Where you can love someone no matterr what happens?

Or are their conditions always no matter what that will prevent this from happening.   Don't you pretty much have to be Mother Theresa for this to happen?

To have this conditional love, means you have to love the person no matter what - you just love them for who they are, not for what they want to be, or for what they think you want them to be.  But simply just for who they are. Even if they leave you, you just love them.  A weird concept to be sure.

Do you know anyone that has this kind of love? Is it rare or just Oprah make-believe stuff - pie in the sky Hallmark Channel garbage.

Truth: Couples

Whenever I'm out in public and I see any couple together I always wonder and think what their relationship is like.

Do they fight?  Do they talk?  Do they have a good sex life?  Do they nag and annoy each other?  Do they have any lingering problems they don't deal with it?  How do they deal with their problems?  Do they even have any problems or are they just happy go lucky?   Do they have fun together?

I was out to dinner the other night, and I was watching some old couples at various tables. Some didn't say a word to each other, and just ate their food.  Are they happy?    Another couple was laughing and talking up a storm - they seemed happy, but are they?   I can't say I care that they are happy or not..I just wonder if I can surmise a couple's relationship in summary just by looking at how they interact.  I assume the couple that doesn't speak at dinner, does the same thing at home?

I might start asking these people when I see them out of the blue - "hey are you two happy with each other?"

I don't know why I think about these things when I'm out.

Truth: Convincing Someone

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.. How do you convince someone of anything?  How do you make them see the light?  How do you make them see the truth?  Is it just futile?

Do you never give up, or just give up at some point?  At what point do just raise your hands and say screw it, they aren't interested in the truth or peace - they are only interested in their self fulfilled feelings?

Surely there has to be a certain threshold.  A certain line in the sand should be drawn or passed?

Never give up?  Fight till the end?  Throw your hands up in the air and walk away?

Liberty: Slave Suggestion Box

So are you all happy now that your candidates won in your elections?  Are you now going to start spending more money?  Has all the doom and gloom of the last 2 years been erased?   Are you now going to just harp on how bad the last two years were, and give the new guys a pass because of it?  Hooray for voting for change - ?




You do the same thing every 2 years folks. Can you say zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yeah your team won! Hooray!  Now they can give you an inch, but they still owe you a foot.  But you are happy because the last guy took two inches.  So that is progress right?

Oh yeah I more socialism. Right.

Truth: Doh A Deer!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So I'm driving to work...minding my own freaking business, listening to some Rocco Deluca...when out of the corner of my eye...I see in a field this very large dog running towards the road. Within seconds I realize that's no dog, it's a friggin deer! A big 5 point buck running full speed. A good 25mph...this thing was flying, probably saw some nice tail doe across the road...either that or one was nagging him about something. Anyways...I watched this thing hauling ass. I was going about 35. Uh oh. Then crashed right into the car in front of me...the car swerved to the right and the deer went flying into the air...I swerved the deer and went to the side of the road. Wow I said...then I said Oh No...because I saw the deer struggling to survive. I got out of my car, and ran to the other driver to see if he was ok. He couldn't get out of the car..his door was jammed. So I yanked on his door, and pulled it open...wretched my back in the process...but he was ok, just shaken up. I looked at the deer which was about 5 feet from me, and it was snorting and puffing...and trying to get up. I grabbed my phone to call the cops, so they could cop and put this thing out of it's misery. Before I could finish dialing 911, this thing got up and took off back into the woods. It though was pretty much only on 3 legs, since I'm certain the back leg was broken. It still ran pretty fast.



Truth: I Am Sorry

I know this guy that says "I'm sorry" or "I apologize" probably 100 times in any given conversation with him.  Every statement comes with a reply of "I'm sorry".   Or it comes with "I apologize".

Now do I really think he is sorry and apologetic? I'm not sure anymore. In fact I am never sure because he uses it all to often.  Probably just like people use the words I LOVE so much, that it loses it's meaning.

I don't think he is crying wolf. I don't believe he is truly a weak character.  He is very smart, and very polite.  I believe he is just trying to be polite, yet there is a a heavy dose of submissive character here - at least in the vernacular he is trying to convey.  It confuses the hell out of me. I have to stop and think every time if he actually hurt me or if he actually did something wrong.  It drives me nuts.

What does I'm sorry really do anyways?  Do people easily accept I'm sorry when you really mean it. Or is it just words?  Don't you have to prove that you are sorry?  So if you actually did something wrong, said you were can you prove your sorrow to the person you hurt if they won't let you?  What do you do? What would you do?   I mean if you were my friend who says I'm sorry all of the time, I don't think anyone would believe him.

They say apologizing is a sign of weakness. I still don't get that concept if it is true.  I think it takes courage and decency to say you are sorry - and really mean it. I think it takes allot more work to actually prove how sorry you are for something you did, then just words.

What do you do?

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