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Chicks - Unattractive Guys

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  A question posted in the Facebook Community, gives men advice on what to do.   Straight from the horses mouths, so to speak.

According to women: What is something that makes a man unsexy?

Vanessa Anne Towers Peltier, Graham Redmond and 3 others like this.

Tamara Teryniak looking at other women while in your presence.

Voodoo King Designs uh...not bothered by him looking .....I do the same, not rudely of course, but with appreciation

Tamara Teryniak Big difference of of doing it as an appreciation and just gawking...and guess what guys..the women your oogaling...thinks youre an a$shole!~

Karen Reeve No ones clobbering you yet Nancy! Cause it's true!! And Tamara, not only looking, but actually drooling over her, and flirting with her in your last guy actually thought it was ok, as long as he was coming home with me.......hmmmmmm, maybe why he's an ex?

Elena Viviano Hunt Colored sweatpants. Or those tiger/lion striped kind. We exfoliate, get injected with stuff, straighten/curl our hair/ shave and wax where you'd never want hot it too much to ask you to put on a pair of pants?

Crystal Smith laziness, rude, and stares at other females non stop

Sally Peplinski Impatient

Nancy Legault Hockey are you taking notes....

Debbie Verzura Horndog

Jennifer Fraley Arrogance, rudeness, bad breath, excessive swearing

Nancy Legault Ok I'm gonna get clobered for this much Booze and to much Anger. Theres nothing sexy about a angry drunk.

Pat Shandor Well, Brad summed it up. Game over. Thanks for playing folks!!!

Pat Shandor Standing next to Dino. Dino's sexiness trumps every man's sexiness.

Cristina Lambertini A big ego..

Julie Romero Sussex i read this wrong thinking it said 'sexy' and was very scared at the answers...

Christine Louise Zacharski Yellow teeth and an unshaved neck....

Susan Thomas Weak & Needy

Dawn M. Routledge unsexy trifecta: selfishness, b.o., and Daisy Duke shorts

Doug Routledge Apparently, everything thing that comes naturally to a man.

Vicki Miller You calm down Jim this is not your question. Haha

Vicki Miller More into himself than you

Trish Cappelli Van Gorden Lack of good leadership, lack of confidence, lack of self respect/self care. NOTHING is worse than a man that can't take control of a situation and lead. (in my opinion)

Leah Mitchell Bowers Arrogance

Vicki Miller Not real

Vicki Miller Dishonesty

Tammy Ford The fact that when we are alone in the house, he's actually wearing something...Commando baby!

Michael Skupin Ask me after my sex change

Nancy Legault Everything that Brad said except the part about stopping for directions during sex....uou got to know where your going!

Sue Ayala Drinking or swearing too much, bad mouthing his ex, one who has children, but isn't involved with them...

Jane Crandall Smith A man who smokes, does not take care of his body, a big gut, controlling, selfish...etc.

Trish Shandor Dudes who want a meal ticket and don't wanna work. Especially guys that make excuses about taking certain jobs... because they are too good to make money doing menial work. TURN OFF and buh bye.

Brad Patterson  Hmmm..."I'm told"....farting, burping, picking your ears with a pen cap or key, hawking a loogie, wearing undies that can stand up on their own, too much facial hair, not enough facial hair, no job, no money, not taking out the trash, leaving fingernail/toenail clippings on the floor, yelling out Mom's name during sex, yelling out a dude's name during sex, not listening, lying, cheating, won't stop and ask for directions while driving, stops and asks for directions during sex

Vicki Miller Will not text you back. Because he is to busy texting other women..

Alissa Murphy Bad smell. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!

Nancy Legault Clueless ...not so attractive

Tena Hermancey Obvious stupidity.

Michelle Ball Arrogance.

Nancy Legault Oh ya and dropping the F bomb!

Paul Penney breathing

Kathleen Kropf Being classless!

Amber Renee  Too cocky

Timothy Dolan Chicks don't tell me what's unsexy, they just tell me I'm sexy.... Right Michelle and Kathleen?

Donna Pendergaste Cheapness

Xtina Lloyd An ugly personality...

Tanya  Hayes Arrogance, selfish, rude, no manners and a smoker

Trish Shandor I don't have to give him ANY ideas. He knows these things. I am just verifying that I know that he knows what we all know he knows.

Rina Sahay Beer breath.

Linda Rogers ok. I hate it when I tell him what may be wrong with the car and he completely disregards my statement, calls everyone under the sun to no avail, then some man comes along and tells him the exact thing I said....and that man is a freaking GENIUS!!! not being able to take female advice=not sexy!!! -.-

Linda Rogers Wet moustache

Diane Bastarache excessive drinking, bad shoes, nose/ear hair,chapped lips

Vanessa Anne Peltier A man all wrapped up in himself, makes a very small package

Marshall Solomon Elana Hunt: she said exfoliate

Alissa Murphy What Brad said !

Thomas Esper Having an opinion.

Vanessa Anne Peltier GOOF BALLS period pbbst

Graham Redmond excess body hair or nose hair...yuck

Wendy Couzino Stalking

Mel Lawrie Farting all the time...

Lori Kafritsas Shorkey dont get me started!!

Donna Sauchak Being cheap!

Dawn Moore Thorington Moobs.

Ann Zacharski  A Man who cant stand to see his woman shine, he always has to be the one in the limelight, that is the worst kinda guy!!!

Candace  Kaufman Laziness, lying, bad breath and poor hygiene

Jerri Dyann negativity

Tiffanie Trullard Barackman Arrogance

Anna Mitchell Whining.

Michelle Harlin Arrogance, negativity and a shitty personality....

Vicki Miller Lazy

Ryan J. Gesund Remind me to decline if Kim Cox Heibel ever invites me out for Mexican or Chinese Food.

Victoria Legra Talking too long on cellphone on a date, not liking pets, talking to me like he's my dad, not wanting to go out, a dirty shower. Lots and lots of things. This question will take me forever to answer

Kathleen  Zaccardelli Arrogance.

Theresa Jordison Neediness

Bob Duffy Oh my a (lot) of good points....

Sandy Grohola cheating, and being dishonest....

Leah Marie Agreed, Tamara!

Vico Ambrogino I pick my butt and belch a lot does that count?

Patty Boyle Your comments are so much more global! The minute I looked at the question I flashed on the image of black socks on pale naked legs.

Marlene Salvatore An ugly heart!

Victoria Legra Burping in front of me

Victoria Legra Complaining that something is expensive. Especially if they invite you out.

Christina Lopez Bad breath

Nancy Legault Yes!!! Jealous and controling

Caroline Peifer Nose hair!

Jim Collins Theresa is just mad because she has cronic back hair.

Theresa Jordison And guys named Jim. Heehee

Jim Collins all of these things women do just the same. JUST THE SAME!

Lucy Shawano Thinks he has ALL the answers to everything in life. Has his hands all over you. Bad body odor, Smelly feet, talks about themselves all night long or puts on cheap cologne with his Mr Farley attire.

Kim  Heibel Alos a "gruffy, scriffy" looking beard that needs shaved. Especially when they're so handsome without it!

Dawn Ploucha Someone who can't shut up about politics or religion.

Julie Zwirzina Lack of intelligence and having no mechanical aptitude.

Dan Pendergast A wife

Donna Gomez Being cheap with their money lol

Donna Gomez When they dont shower or brush their teeth

Kathy Barrett Wearing my clothes.

Chloe Evers  Looks: bad teeth
Personality: selfishness.

Toni Ricard Bad manners

Gayle Rachtman Oops. Misread

Gayle Rachtman A sense of humor

Debbie Varcoe Krimm Polyester pants & white patent leather shoes!!! lol!!!

Theresa Jordison At least its not gray like yours! Lol

Kim Cox Heibel Ummm...picking their nose or farting none stop!

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